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Live Entertainment


We have live entertainment year-round, currently Thursday through Sunday evenings, and Saturday & Sunday during our 10 AM to 1PM brunch.  We have quite a few artists (listed below) that play on a rotating schedule throughout the week.  If you're interested in who is playing TODAY and at what time, please call us at 830-248-3825!

Sunday- Brunch music 10AM - 1PM, evening around 6PM

Monday-Thursday- Music starts around 6PM

Friday Music starts around 6:30PM

Saturday- Brunch music 10AM - 1PM, evening around 6:30

Our Favorite Artists include:

Modal Mojo (JAZZ every Sunday evening!)

J.P. & Erika

Scott Hammock & his band

Sonic Waves

Faith Jacobs

Colleen Miller

Native Texans

The Mulberries

The Noah Peterson Trio (Sunday Jazz Brunch)

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