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ON TAP Today (07/11/2024):

  • Hopocalypse Double I.P.A.    

  • Duck Juice DDH Hazy I.P.A.

  • Duck Ichiban Rice Lager

  • My Duck Maibock German Lager

  • Duck and the Giant Peach American Wheat Ale

  • Fowl Play I.P.A.

Beer... brewed here!


On August 1st, 2002, we introduced craft beer to Boerne, Texas.  We brew in a 10 barrel (310 gallon) Bohemian Brewery System right here at The Duck.  You can often spot Ian, our brewer, hard at work on our next recipe.

Our beer is fresh and unfiltered, stored at 34 degrees and poured from stainless steel serving tanks through chilled lines.  Our beer has virtually no contact with light or air until it hits your glass.

All of our beer is served from our four large serving tanks.  We try to have a range of beers on tap all the time: from light to dark in color and from mild to bitter in bitterness.  Our selection changes throughout the year--we brew up to 20 different styles per year!


Be sure to check our Live Tap Menu often, as we are always brewing something new.


View our full drinks menu here:
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